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Terra André Natural Skin Care Products is a Florida-based company.  Our products
are 100% natural, which include creams, lotions, body oils, toners, powders, nail
care, psoriasis ointments, rosacea oils - all of which contain no chemicals, artificial
preservatives or artificial ingredients.  We use only the finest Carrier oils and herbal
extracts and our powders are talc-free.

Our skin is the largest organ in our bodies.  It flushes toxins outward and absorbs
nutrients and vitamins from the sunlight.  A healthy skin expels at least one pound
of waste products daily and works to cleanse the blood and free the system of
toxins.  Everything about our body and mind seems to show up in our skin,
especially the face.  Our skin is like a mirror to our inner self.  How we take care of
ourselves physically or emotionally, will have impact on all the other aspects.

So my aim is to give you a guideline, a discipline to follow.  If you work on your skin,
hair, and body on a daily basis for three months, I know change will occur on many
levels.  You will start to feel good about yourself, self-empowered, and relationships
with yourself and others will shift.  Effective skin care is necessary to keep the skin
supple and in good condition so that it both looks beautiful and fulfills its functions.

Using natural substances, such as flower waters, essential oils, and herbal
extracts will not only allow the skin to breathe, you will feel and look better.  The
good news is that we can slow down the effects of aging and can even repair some
of the damage that has already occurred.  We have had great success with our
neck firming and anti-aging treatments.  Basic skin types are Dry, Normal, Oily,
Sensitive, and Blemished.

Feel free to call me or e-mail for more information.  

Thank you for visiting our site.

Lic. Clinical Aesthetician/Aromatherapist
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