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Baby Adri by Terra Andre'

Babies are born without a
defense system and are open
to allergens. The defense
system develops as they grow.
Products used on babies
should have a low allergy risk.
They should contain 100%
natural ingredients, no added
perfumes, and no
preservatives. Store-bought
soap containing chemicals
are actually detergents.
These detergents strip the
baby's skin of their protective
lipids. Skin care products that
are put on a baby's skin
should be simple, gentle, and

Our baby products are 100%
natural, which include
lotions, ointments, powders,
shampoo/body wash, bug
sprays, and soaps - all of
which contain no chemicals,
artificial preservatives or
artificial ingredients. Our
babies need and deserve the
best care that we can provide
for them. Baby Adri 100%
natural skin care products can
help because only natural
substances, such as flower
waters, essential oils, and
herbal extracts are used.
6 Piece Baby Gift Set
  • 2 oz. shampoo and body wash
  • 2 oz. sweet orange body lotion
  • 4 oz. lavender dusting powder
  • 1.3 oz. soap
  • 1.5 oz. boo boo ointment
  • 2 oz. baby bug spray
6 Piece Baby Gift Set
Terra Andre' 100% Natural Skin Care