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Terra Andre' Dead Sea Muds and Scrubs
Dead Sea Mineral Scrubs
Dead Sea Mineral Scrubs
22 oz. Gift Jar $24.99

The Dead Sea is the most
saline body of water in the
world with far greater
concentration of minerals
than any ocean. Bromides
and Iodine are present in the
Dead Sea Salt, including
Magnesium, Sodium,
Calcium, and Potassium. All
of these minerals work
together as regulators of cell
activity and daily functioning,
relieving muscular pain and
stabilizing fluid levels in the
body. It also offers effective
relief of eczema, acne,
psoriasis, and muscle aches
and pains. It stimulates
circulation, detoxifies, and
replenishes minerals, as well
as soothes irritated skin.
De-stresses and revitalizes -
Dead Sea Salt softens the
water and can be used for a
cleansing, abrasive exfoliate
and helps draw toxins from
the body. People worldwide
have used the healing power
of salt baths for centuries. The
Dead Sea in Israel attracts
visitors because it is the
lowest point on the earth
containing a high percentage
of natural minerals.  In many
countries, people with
conditions labeled incurable
have reduced the symptoms
or completely resolved them
after being treated with
mineral hydrotherapy.
Dead Sea Mineral Salts
Dead Sea Mineral Salts
16 oz. $20.99
Terra Andre' 100% Natural Skin Care