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I have been using Terra André Natural Skin Care products for some time now.
Your Neck Firming Crème and Chamomile Herb Eye Crème are so cool and
refreshing and the Wrinkle Attack Crème is wonderful in diminishing my lines.
Your products are not at all heavy, nor do they make my skin feel sticky. They are
very light and absorb quickly - especially the Calendula Crèmes. I will continue to
use the Terra André Natural Skin Care product line.

JoAnn D. - Hamilton Sq., NJ
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I wanted to express my satisfaction with one of your products. I have been using
your Terra André Natural Skin Care products for many years now. I am especially
happy with your Carrot Seed and Tea Tree Oil. I use it for my Rosacea. I had been
going to the Dermatologist for many years for this problem and the products he
told me to use never quite cleared it up. Until I used your Carrot Seed and Tea
Tree Oil, I can truthfully say it really cleared it up. I am very pleased with your oil
and will continue to use it.

Angela R. - Freehold, NJ
Mother's hair was thin and continually falling out until we found Terre André's
Sparkle and Shine Shampoo. When I took Mother to get her hair cut this month,
her hair dresser asked whether she had a  change in her medications. "No," I
replied, but we changed shampoo." "What IS that!?!" she asked. I explained that it
was a "homemade recipe" produced by a lady in Melbourne Village. She said that
the difference in Mother's hair texture was absolutely amazing. Now I have to bring
her a bottle so that she can recommend Sparkle and Shine to her other
customers. Although my own hair was already pretty healthy, Sparkle and Shine
improves its "body." Mother and I highly recommend Sparkle and Shine for healthy

Sheryl C. - Sanford, FL
After starting menopause, my body changed and I started having allergic
reactions to many chemicals and had a hard time finding products I could use. I
am having great results from all of Terra André products and have had no issues.
I really love the Neroli Toner. I put a spritzer on top of my bottle and just spritz
Neroli on my face (it's very refreshing), after I wash with the Fragrance Free
Cleansing Lotion. Calendula Crème just seems to melt into my skin - not greasy
or sticky and my makeup goes on smoothly. After the Dead Sea Mineral Mask, my
pores feel tighter. I'm also loving the Travel Kit - nice to have everything I need
ready to grab and go.

Renee D. - Chicago, IL
I have always loved natural products, but come to find out two of the ones I
thought I could rely on, Burt's Bees and Arbonne, don't really stand behind all their
marketing. I love this product because it is what is says it is, Natural Skin Care!
It is refreshing to share it with my children and know it doesn't have paraben and
other cancer causing ingredients inside. We started with the body oil and scar oil,
which both worked for our needs. We have expanded our purchases into many
other areas and are equally impressed every time. Start with one product and
plan to buy them all before it is over!

Staci W. - Melbourne, FL
I have used Terra André Products for awhile and I love the baby products for my
little one. They work great and I have the peace of mind that I am not putting
chemicals on my daughter. I also love the Cleansing Crème and have been using
it for a few years. It is gentle on my skin yet gives me a clean feeling and I notice I
do not have breakouts like I was using other products. I recently tried the bug
spray and found it to be excellent.

Deana S. - Melbourne Beach, FL
One of my favorite products by Terra André Natural Skin Care is the Carrot Root
Crème. It's a great facial moisturizer that doesn't feel greasy or heavy on the skin
yet hangs in there until the end of the day. I also use the Fragrance Free
Cleansing Lotion and follow that up with the Neroli Toner then the Carrot Root
Crème. I find this combination of products works great for my skin. The best part
is the fact that all of the Terra André line are all natural and there are no chemical  
ingredients I can't pronounce!

Diane D. - Hamilton, NJ
I have known Theresa and Lou for many years and they have worked very hard to
develop quality products for every age group! The baby products were a hit with
my niece and her mother and the packaging is adorable! I have enjoyed the
shampoo and conditioner, the cleanser, toner and moisturizer, as well as her
special extract for fine lines. One of my favorite products is the hand cleanser
made with rose geranium, which smells incredible! I have also enjoyed the
various "Soap Tales", with their little stories attached. Not to mention, the best part
is that everything is made with 100% all natural ingredients and the prices are
great. Thanks from a happy customer.

Fran H. - Davie, FL
Once I tried Terra André Natural Skin Care shampoo, I knew I had found the only
shampoo I would ever use. It leaves my hair clean using only a few essential
ingredients. The soaps are fragrant, sudsy and smell delicious.

Barbara B. - Melbourne, FL
Terra André products give me peace of mind. I want my skin to absorb the
nutrients from the essential oils. I especially like Rejuvinate. It reduces the effects
of being in the Florida sun. I have used your products for years and always get
compliments on my skin.

Mary - Melbourne Village, FL
Terra Andre' 100% Natural Skin Care